Friday, April 01, 2005

so much happening. close your eyes your bitter, bitter eyes

Joel, do you see what a big time for life this is these days and it is so funnny and all from christianity the future of so many and its effects and it's all out of our hands and the christian right will end our chacne to chooose our future and save the right for peopole to do what they want and they all use terri as an excuse and they will destroy what our constitution and belief in justice built and read some article about what delay says and sickness will be your companion and and I can hardly believe it and really wish I knew what I could do to stop the persistence of such vile men in our political system and then the pope about to die and what does that mean for the world and the new men will continue to advoate the hatred of homosexuality and condoms to preven the spread of aids and why so much change and will all te change be regressive and harm liberal sensibilities and social justice I feel so disappointed as an american and a human being and the other would be the senate's attempt to obviate the blocking of fillibusters for judicial appointement and joel why are we so impotent and why do we live in such dire circumstances and but it will continue I don't think we have voice even thoguh we are suppposed to is farce and doesn't matter but will destroy freedom. You have to read david harvey spaces of hope. Would so much play nad inform your view of the world. I need to purchase that book and learn that I can be dissatisfied with the reality with which I am presented byu zealous politicians and leaders religious or secular, I worry for our future.

To you who might enjoy the company of we who enjoy the company of marx and david harvey and the spatial fix, we are talking and will do and damn capitalist accumulation, will find ourselves in some brazilian bar at holborn tomorrow night at 7:30 tomorrow night, Saturday the second that would be the number 2 for those who appreciate arabic numerals more than the english language. And we will be there enjoying or tolerating each other's company if you wish. The details will follow, and the music will be brazilian at the minimum though it will not extend to american indie, interpol, modest mouse tomorrow yhou are forgotten for the benefit of brazillian to my consternation, but I have been charged with the notification. Some of you are here, some not. Some of you will respond some not, but this email goes out to all in spirit of comraderie of our marxist fellows. That is the mystery of our program and our mutual connection. More details forthcoming.

Hey you, frenchy, beautifyl frenchy. So this guy, big d is his name and on the roof we were (that would be the roof of st clements, the building wehre we are geography and is wondrufl and where yuoy and bmiddle p and we wil cele brate your return to wondruful london and that place where we all live for the next few monthsn) and anyways big d was telling this stor0y abot an afternoon after a class, gy 411 with jones, gareth and that is the class and we were there sitting on the roof and the story came out and it wasn’t mythical it wasn’t mundane, but it was french and it was you and it wasthat you he and fiona were walking down that stree that is houghton and then you were talking and the talk turned to sinks and hten sinks in rooms and then you scandalized both crazy big canadian and innocent english fiona by announcing that you utilized your sink to piss and then I said well what do I know this girl frenchy and then no secrets and then everyone to know that she pisses and sink but maybe I’m the only to have seen her recently but you scandalize by announcing and make big d love you for that announcement and you, qwho are laure tell that story and we all know and for that we appreciate it you are who you are and that is unique an good. And ther you go. But that wa s just the beginning of the evenign that brought each of the adams one gin bottle from sainsbury and many stories and one very nice inside analysis. And that would be 1-4 for most girls and one 1-3 for most actually and ask me to explain it and I wlll, but ofr now, jennyh is 1-4 or 5 and you are 1-3, and no matter tha you have ferwer numbers, it is enough and very nice. And then we talk boaut it and that is the way it is. I have a song to which you should listen and acity to which you shold go and mourn the papacy and that is rome 13-15 rome and me there and mourn the pope and his conservative bent and the ultraconservatives that replace hikm and denounce condoms for aids prones africans and bitter little men that love jesus and in rome we will see their window and mourn them for the ill they wish upon the world andgays. And that is what you should do 13-15 and see what one bottle of gin can do and one walk home from holborn passing slutty british girls and one loquasious spelled incorrectly yugoslavian man. And that again that is the evening that follows the day that was indian buffet with friends and romanesque natural history museum alone. Well anyway I hope you have good day before you go to paris and that you deign to write back some time and not be angrified and hateful and french and realize that sometimes though americans love the culture of life and judicial servitude to the senate and legislature and executive branch that occasionally some of us can be critical and of interest and delight to the rest of the world who consiedrs secularism a worthy rationality for understanding lifea nd then we are not so bad and not all love jesus for bleeding and dyhing and tonight was that night when we discovered how unahppy we were with the narrow narrow love of jesus that most christians espouse and use to justify their fertile hatred of those who don’t smell the same as they do and tehn I should enbd this email lest yhou become bored and choose to look at yhuor paper wall as a more interesting alternative to reading emails by americans that miiss your pyjamas and absense of said pyjamas and hateful french personality. Well you have a good night and ihope that all is well and if not wonderful at least tolerable and not hateful or if hateful at least hateful in agood way.
Who is an amercan who spelled his name correctly inadvertently and tomorrow will look for jobs on the intornet a man’s best friend